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CV (resume) Belonin Sergey Stanislav
extended version with professional achievements on Russian where

Common information 
  • place and birth date: Russian Federation, Bryansk city, 1974 y.
  • married, two children
  • languages: fluent (native) Russian, English technical text reading (a very few verbal)

Skills and practice expirience 
  • RDBMS: Oracle - RDBMS 8-12 EE&SE, hot user managed backup and manual standby, RMAN, DataGuard, CloudControl, AWR, ASM, a few - Oracle RAC, PostgreeSQL, mysql, DB2
  • UNIX: Linux OS (RHEL based), bind, dhcp, ntpd, netfilter, nfs, openldap, kerberos, KVM, squid, apache, sendmail, exim, dovecot, ftp, perl, bash, a few - Debian, Ubuntu, SUN Solaris (8-9)
  • management of small group (up to 7 peoples)
  • creation of education courses for IT specialization
Work history
  [may 2011 - jul 2016] RU, Moscow, JSC Greenatom multifunctional support center goverment corporation Rosatom, leading specialist (last year - expert) database support unit:
  • creation of support infrastructure for Oracle RDBMS 9-12 version, SE and EE edition "from null". Researching, installation Oracle Grid control 11, development and implementation typical backup mechanism for up 100 DB
  • deputy header of unit
  • training of colleagues in administration of RDBMS Oracle and UNIX-like OS
  • developing technical methodics
  • full cycle support for Oracle RDBMS
    • installation and configuration of RDBMS and DB, instance tuning and analize RDBMS and DB Oracle
    • supply data rezervation (hot incremental backup with RMAN or user managed backup)
    • supply service rezervation (phisicval Oracle standby - Data Guard or user managed for SE edition)
    • finding of "hard/heavy" queries, analyze for brings it for optimization by developers
    • moniroting with Oracle Grid Control
    • updating RDBMS and DB, include DB for SAP
  • working with proects documentation (in unit area)
  • developing technical support reglaments and other documents

[nov 2010 - may 2011] RU, Moscow, "SAKS Toys", database administrator:
  • full cycle support for Oracle RDBMS SE 10-11
    • installation and configuration of RDBMS and DB, instance tuning and analize RDBMS and DB Oracle with Oracle DB Console
    • supply data rezervation (hot user managed backup)
    • supply service rezervation (phisicval Oracle user managed standby)
    • find "hard/heavy" queries, analyze and bring recomendations for developers
    • moniroting with Oracle Grid Control
  • full cycle support for Linux based platforms
    • installation, configuration, support of Linux operational system (OS)
    • configuration and tuning of OS for Oracle RDBMS goals
    • installation, configuration, support of the other Linux services (NTP, DNS, netfilter, local repository, etc.)
  • developing technical support reglaments and other documents

[nov 2004 - aug 2010] RU, Moscow city, leading specialist in IMPEXBANK IT department. With september 2007 Impexbank is sold to Raiffeisen bank:
  • Raiffeisen, sep 2008 to aug 2010 - Oracle DBA for old Impex Oracle database inheritance (ver 8-10, up to 100 DB)
  • Raiffeisen, nov 2007 to sep 2008 - Oracle DBA for old Impex inheritance (ver 8-10, up to 100 DB) and DB platform administrator - Linux and SUN Solaris (8,9)
  • Impexbank, after Raiffeisen, apr 2007 to nov 2007 - UNIX administrator, Oracle DBA, courator of bank communication system (Lotus, X.400 и SMTP)
  • divide IT infrastructure of Impexbank and Rossiyskiy Credit Bank in responsible zone for sale Impexbank to Raiffeisen Bank. Find IT specialists for Rossiyskiy Credit Bank
  • Impexbank, apr 2006 to 2007 - Lotus Domino administrator (up to 40 central and regional domains, up to 4000 users), courator of bank X.400 and SMTP systems. Reconfigure Lotus Domino mail part for transparent center and filials mailing
  • Impexbank, dec 2005 to jun 2006 - SMTP administrator (on UNIX platform - Linux and SUN Solaris 9, up to 2500 user in central office and mail relayng for 40 regional filials). Full redeveloping of bank SMTP architecture based on my CoSiCULS BESST and typical communication servers TiKSer BESST. Courator of X.400 transport and it's administrators
  • Impexbank, nov 2004 to jun 2006 - X.400 administrator (critical service, up to 6000 users, up to 40 filials), Linux и SUN Solaris (8,9) admkinistrator. Reingeneering and full redeveloping X.400 transport architecture for optimization and divide with IT infrastrucrure of Rossiyskiy Credit Bank

[nov 2004 - apr 2008] RU, Bryansk city. Co-owner and consultant in small IT outsourser "CompuMaster" (distant work):
  • co-manage of company
  • expert technical support (3th line) of my TiKSer BESST servers
  • consalt about technical solutions, optimal for client and heterogenous
  • consalt about legal software usage

[aug 2001 - nov 2004] RU, Bryansk city, system administrator in central office of publishing home "Pronto Center". 16 regional filials, up 70 users in central office and 200 all:
  • full redeveloping and implementation IT infrastructure, based on Linux, Windows Terminal Edition 4 + Citrix metaframe
  • manage of system administration sectors (up 4 cowokers, budgeting and licensing, security police and progress policy development, etc.)
  • users support (include typical role-base workstation supply, users consulting)
  • explicit administratoin of communication servers (OS Linux, smtp/pop3 email, www proxy, FTP, DNS, DHCP, firewall, dial-up), file servers (OS Linux and Samba, Novell NW 4.2), application servers and Oracle RDBMS 8i (MS Win NT4 Server Terminal Edition), border routers Cisco 1720 (+ 3 providers, office PBX Panasonic KX-TD1232 and 812 in territorial distribute infrastructure
  • installation of physical layer computers and phone network in central office and regional filials

[jan 2001 - aug 2001] Main specialist in department of programs of employment and labor market in Federal Public service of employment of the population across the Bryansk region. State rank - the adviser of the second category of state service (now in resignation):
  • deputy manager of departament
  • creating regional goverment program for employerment service in Bryansk region
  • supply Bryansk region statistics for Ministry of Labour
  • as secondary - UNIX communication servers administration

[apr 1997 - jan 2001] Leading, after main specialist of automatic informational systems department in Federal Public service of employment of the population across the Bryansk region:
  • file (Novell NW 4.2) and commenications (Linux и FreeBSD, MS Windows NT 4 Server + MS Exchange) servers administration
  • computer class support (MS Windows NT 4 Server domain + 10 MS Windows NT 4 Workstation)
  • developing education courses and employers teaching
  • support 40 workstation in central office
  • support 32 filials with regular trips

... continuous official experience of IT (including service in Army) - since 1991, the general experience in IT - since 1986

[2008] Oracle Application Server 10g R2: Administration I

[2007] Oracle 9i Fundamentals I, Oracle 9i Fundamentals II

[2006] Lotus Domino server R6"

[1996-2000] The higher education. I have graduated from the All-Russian correspondence financially economic institute, qualification "manager" in the specialty is appropriated "management". A thesis subject - "Use the Internet - technologies in management"

[1995] Training courses at Goskomstat of the Russian Federation across the Bryansk region. Qualification "the programmer on C/C ++"

Professional achievements  Extended version CV (resume) with professional achievements on Russian where

Referees and recommended 
  • Greenatom. Korolev Andrey Alexandrovich (now Head of development IT infrastructure department in Sberbank technologies)
  • SAX Toys. The largest supplier of toys in the Russian Federation. I can recommend all IT command from system administrators and developers led by Ivan Trushin. I was invited to a position of the Oracle database administrator under implementation of the end-to-end solution developed by this command on automation of activities of the employer. The positive impressions were left by fundamental approach and attention to code optimization and to use of different opportunities given by the vendor to the developer. Unfortunately volumes of tasks on administration of OS and the DBMS were are so small, that in an available field of operation all of them were solved by me for several months
  • Raiffeisen bank. Sumenkov Ivan Anatolyevich, contact phone 8-915-381-76-27
  • Oracle corporation, Moscow. Vedeneyev Dmitry Evgenyevich, project manager. In due time I have shown the highest professionalism, having organized quite heavy nine-months project. Contact ph. +7 (495)644-26-66, contact e-mail:
  • Impexbank, Moscow. Bochkaryov Vladimi Yuryevich, head of department of support of OS and DBMS of department information technology. Contact phone 8-903-270-89-06
  • CJSC Prontotsentr Publishing House (group of newspapers "Moya Reklama"), Bryansk. Gladilin Vyacheslav Viktorovich (co-owner), Mitin Nikolay Nikolaevich. (CEO and co-owner). Contacts via the website
  • Department of Federal Public service of employment of the population across the Bryansk region. Krotov Sergey Viktorovich (deputy previous), Kurashin Vladimir Ilyich (head of department of programs of employment and labor market), Shpakov Alexey Petrovich (head of department of automated. information systems). Contacts state employment services across the Bryansk region are officially available in the Internet
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